Welcome into the Academic Foxhole!

Hi, I’m TrooperSJP, and this is the place where I call one of my homes in the internet. In my day job I’m a University Professor who specializes in teaching, analyzing, and writing about Popular Culture. However, this site is my corner of the interwebs where I’ve collected all of the various things I do in my off-time.

So what do I do? I’m a Twitch Variety Streamer, video gamer, long time tabletop RPG GM and Player. I play card games like A Game of Thrones or Arkham Horror. I’m a musician and also a hobbyist programmer working on a visual novel. I’m also a fan of all sorts of random media. On this site I’ll be featuring some of my projects and I’ll be blogging thoughts on all of the above. Hopefully, I’ll be updating as regularly as I can, though, my academic work comes first, so I may be a bit intermittent at times–especially around finals!

What you’ll find here:

Looking for me?